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This domain is registred by Wieger Verberne. The domain is the main domain of a big portfolio of domains which all relate to the world championship of football. Together this domain portfolio can be used to host poule games for the world championship of football or the european championship of football. A poule game is a game in which a group of people predict the result of football matches. Points can be earned each match with correct predictions of the match winner, home goals scored and away goals scored. The best predicter wins.

The domain portfolio consists of the following domains:

As this is a very complete portfolio it should be possible to become the number hoster of football poules if you own this portfolio. In The Netherlands 50% of the companies are participating in these kind of poules during the world championship. If you add up the number of participants in football poules during past world championship you will see that already over 500.000 people participated in similar poules online. The scope could be even bigger internationally.

If you have interest to host such football poules in coorporation with me, feel free to contact me. For a very good offer, I might also be willing to sell the complete domain portfolio.